jose andres and I are bff

Exhibit A: About a month ago, we ran into each other on the street. [I walked directly into him in a crosswalk while on my blackberry]

Exhibit B: When I was sick a few weeks ago, he took me into his kitchen and made me delicious dishes to nurse me back to health. [PBS may have orchestrated that one]

Exhibit C: Last night, he provided Manfriend and I the most delicious, carefully thought out feast we could ask for [Zaytinya was freaking delicious…Jose had a prior commitment.]

Ok fine. Our fantastic friendship may exist only in my mind, but seriously Zaytina last night was amazing.

As any of you who have dined there know, the dishes come out willy-nilly which adds a nice element of surprise, but also some anxiety if you want to dig into each dish as soon as it appears.  So again, no pictures. Use your imagination (See above exhibits A, B, and C if you need some inspiration). Here’s the quick and dirty:


a Mandilaria/Mavrotragano blend (gesundheit! It was a great fall wine–soft and jammy) for me, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout for Manfriend (which he was crazy about…for all you beer enthusiasts)


Tzatziki: The diced cucumbers were just the right size to add crunch and not get lost in the sea of yogurt.

Brussel Sprouts: A special–they were flash fried, with diced tomatoes and a secret yogurt sauce hiding underneath

Fried Squid: crisped squid, garlic-yogurt sauce *

Garides Me Anitho: sautéed shrimp, dill, shallots, mustard and lemon juice*

Patates Tiganites Me Yaourti: crispy potatoes with yogurt and caper salt*

Shortrib Kapama: braised shortribs, spiced tomato stew*

A meal heavy in yogurt, garlic, and dill for sure….and for sure there’s nothing wrong with that.  A fantastic evening with lovely company :),  topped off with a brand new disc of The Wire waiting in the mailbox. Heaven.

(jose’s getting back to me on the next time we’re going to hang out.)

*these descriptions unabashedly stolen from zaytina’s website.

p.s. dear FTC, we paid for everything. kisses.