in the midnight hour

we make kim chi–LOTS of kim chi.

6 weeks has gone by in an instant!  funny how when you’re doing something you love, 60-hour weeks fly by.

this has been the hardest, most humbling experience of my life. and absolutely one of the most fun.


ch-ch-ch-changes [radio edit remix]

thank you all for the amazing outpouring of love on facebook, twitter, and the colloquial communication like email, text, and phone calls!

it is TRUE. i graduated from culinary school! (still 2 class recaps to come–check back on tuesday!)

turns out they think i’m pretty smart.

it was a little dicey as to whether or not we were actually allowed to participate in the ceremony, but at the last minute, zachary daquiri and i were able to score some sweet threads and crash the party!

then manfriend whisked me away for something we haven’t had in many many moons–a vacation! we spent a fantastic week in savannah, ga and charleston, sc and now [literally, right now. thank you scheduled posts!] we’re moving me BACK to my beloved DC! we’re cohabitating (for shame!) only a few blocks from where i’ll be doing my internship at my favorite kitchen in the city.

stars, please align.

charlotte has been good to me and culinary school was an incredible experience that bestowed on me un-be-lieveable friendships. but, it’s time to go home.

tuesday quickie

Quick trip…quick post.

After such a great thanksgiving break, it was extra hard to dive back deep down below the mason-dixon. I was missing my city and my people baaaaaaaad. Manfriend came to the rescue and whisked me back up to dc in mid-december. We hit Fruit Bad on H Street, a place I’ve been dying to try forever. And was it ever worth the wait. Enter: the pig latin.

oh yes. i’m still talking about it not the next day–but the next month.

saturday morning brought a reunion with a favorite pasttime: brunch with liscious! ted’s bulletin for eggs, bacon, bubbles, and house-made maple bacon poptarts.

A happy coincidence with this visit was it coincided with Slow Motion’s no-way-i’m-3-years-from-30 birthday celebration! She can sniff our a surprise from 5 miles away, so this was a covert operation and I declare it a success she only had half an inkling something was up. 🙂

surprise!”]An absolutely amazing night of good bbq, great friends, and awesome live music was the perfect way to end the weekend.

per usual

Aw crap. So much for that quick follow-up with a Thanksgiving post. Well, lucky for you here it is in January now that we’re all in the post-holiday slump! Some remaining holiday cheer!

First night back in the district in 2.5 months–

Manfriend and I dine in the same establishment as the First Lady. For the second time in 3 years. What are the odds? The secret service agent had the courtesy to say “welcome home” as he was halfway up my thigh looking for concealed weapons. It was GREAT to be home.

The annual sh*tshaw thanksgiving was full of friendly faces and fantastic food! Our lovely hosts gave me a huge hug and said something like “hiitssonicetoseeyouCOME LOOK AT THE TURKEY.” I did nothing other than comfort the cooks– the bird came out amazingly delicious. I was tasked with dessert, per usual. I made the requisite pumpkin cheesecake, per usual.  I also threw out some pastry skills and made a chocolate cream pie. Then I forgot to take pictures, per usual. Here’s a couple stolen from Smash:

The mound of whipped cream hiding behind the tupperware is the pie, the orange squares are the cheesecake. I have a future in descriptive food writing, no?

The very next day all my favorite people came out to celebrate me turning another year of twenty-fun!

And then Manfriend and I were sent off to Delaware in style by Slow Motion, Liscious, and J-Bear with gigantic beers, ridiculous cocktails, and a little QT with tiny symbol of the season.

best. face. ever.

off we went to the First State where I took zero pictures. per ususal.  hope everyone else had a lovely thanksgiving (6 weeks ago) too!

SO–my one and only new years resolution (wait what happened to christmas? hold on) is to be much more on top of this here piece of the interwebs. with that, i’ll leave you, to return again soon (SOON!) with new class updates and an xmas recap.


inclement weather

hey dc, i’ve only been gone for 2 weeks. i know it’s been hard, but an earthquake AND a hurricane is a little excessive.

in all seriousness: be careful this weekend, mmk? i’ll be back in a week and i’d like things in working order.

in more seriousness: inclement weather events in dc are some of the most fond memories i have from the district. we weathered hurricane isabel in the terrace of Anderson Hall, hurricane ernesto at rumors (yep. went there.) and snowpocalypse and snowmageddon  in various dwellings across the metro area. i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t missing the hour-long lines in the grocery store, the hilarious alert dc updates, and all the FUN to be had snuggled up warm and safe with your favorite people in the world.

be safe. i miss you all more than you know.

ps: i already knew this guy was pretty cool. last night the rest of america found out. way to go, chef!!

you could be in pictures!

EXTRA EXTRA read all about it! DTMS has gone…local.  Yours truly is the newest Easy Meals writer for! Super exciting (and a super kick in the pants to keep up with you all more regularly 🙂 )

Here’s  my first column–I went with a DTMS classic, the infamous steak salad. Click on the picture below to go to the full article!

2 items of varying importance.

1. [high importance] there’s a really cool chef at a really cool restaurant who’s in the running for a really cool award: Food and Wine’s The People’s Best New Chef-Mid-Atlantic. VOTE. FOR. KYLE. More than once.

2. [moderate importance] this is simply. hilarious.

from endless simmer:

this is not your run of the mill anti-farting cookbook. FWF is not here to tell you to forgo theblack bean nachos or the macaroni and cheese pizza. Come on, we wouldn’t do that to you. Nor do they share instructions on how to make these fatty foods flatulent-free. We all know that’s not possible. No, this is much more complex that that. Instead, Fart Without Fear promises a more attainable goal — 70 comfort food recipes that the book’s authors swear result only in the less offensive kind of farting, i.e. weeding out the ingredients that result in “bad flatulence (a. k .a. smelly farts, silent but deadlies, air biscuits, backdoor trumpets, poots, etc.)

Technology: 1/2 DTMS: 1/2 (you know I don’t like to lose)

So wordpress makes a super cool blackberry app. It looks cool, its easy to use, and for the life of me I cannot get it to post to the blog! We’re going mid-tech (not low, not high) and posting via email.

So, just to fill you in, dc had the worst freaking winter imaginable. We’re now enjoying almost a month of straight 90-100 degree days. This kind of smite makes me think god is a Republican.

For the most recent office birthday, I thought everyone could use a little help beating the heat: ice cream sandwiches!

Rumor had it the birthday girl enjoyed both coffee and chocolate ice cream. I had starred this post a while ago and the cookie choices looked like they would go perrrfectly with her favorite ice creams. Peanut butter cookies with chocolate ice cream, and chocolate cookies with coffee ice cream. Oh yes and rolled in m&m’s and toffee bits.

The sandwiches were a huge hit, but the untold story is that both of these cookie recipes are amazing on their own. The PB cookies are insanely easy and peanutty, abd the chocolate cookies are simple, clean, fantastic chocolate wafer-esque cookies.

Stay cool!

high priority

Cute animals are a high priority item in my office. We had two tragic deaths at the National Zoo lately, so these guys are pretty much our patron saints.


If you don’t use supreme cuteness as a stress reliever, I recommend beginning. With the following two food-related items: (ehh, see I brought it around, didn’t i?)

via Endless Simmer

via Serious Eats. Click through to watch video.

dinner theater

in this installment of Oh Dear God its 8pm What Do I Make for Dinner, our hero turns to a different kind of homemade:

Homemade Pizza Co.  I think this biz-nas got its start in the Windy City, much like our heroine, I remember seeing them when I was knee-high to a grasshopper (ok lies, I was 16) but never knew what their deal was.  One of these bad boys opened a couple blocks away from Chez DTMS and on a particularly “I want to wring somebody’s neck” kind of evening a few weeks ago, the hero of this story suggested we try it out.

Here’s their deal: they make the pizza any way you want it, then give it to you to bring home and put in your oven.  Complete with an individual piece of parchment paper to bake the little sucker on. Some 15 minutes later in a 400-degree oven, and dinner is served. We kept it simple with a classic mozzarella–tomato–basil combination.

It was really freaking tasty! The dough cooked up perfectly crispy but soft and the fresh tomatoes and basil were just lovely.  Paired with a house salad (theirs, not mine, I was still concentrating on my blood pressure returning to normal) that was delightful, and we had a great little meal on our hands.

And, because Manfriend is a kinder soul than I, he had given his email address to the pizza man when we picked it up.  Low and behold, the very next day he gets an email saying thank you and a coupon for $5 (or something similar) off our next purchase. An excellent end to what could have been a very harrowing tale.