inclement weather

hey dc, i’ve only been gone for 2 weeks. i know it’s been hard, but an earthquake AND a hurricane is a little excessive.

in all seriousness: be careful this weekend, mmk? i’ll be back in a week and i’d like things in working order.

in more seriousness: inclement weather events in dc are some of the most fond memories i have from the district. we weathered hurricane isabel in the terrace of Anderson Hall, hurricane ernesto at rumors (yep. went there.) and snowpocalypse and snowmageddon  in various dwellings across the metro area. i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t missing the hour-long lines in the grocery store, the hilarious alert dc updates, and all the FUN to be had snuggled up warm and safe with your favorite people in the world.

be safe. i miss you all more than you know.

ps: i already knew this guy was pretty cool. last night the rest of america found out. way to go, chef!!


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