damn yankee

i had my first day of work today. I didn’t make it 2 hours.

“what did you say–‘you guys’? oh you’re a northerner, aren’t you.”

guilty as charged. but keep that up sir, and you ain’t gittin’ no mo’ sweet tea.

so imagine my delight when i got home and saw this as the sandwich of the day on serious eats:

Al’s #1 Beef!! with a shout out to Mario’s Italian Lemonade. Ohhh man those sandwiches are outrageous. And the watermelon lemonade will always remind me of  late summer nights treats after a day at Mad Dog’s office downtown. (as does giordano’s pizza. also white hen deli sandwiches. also fannie may factory candy. also THE PALACE.)

food memories are the best memories.


3 responses

  1. Batten down the hatches, girl! Get ready for Irene, stock up on water and batteries, whatever it takes to be without electric and plumbing. Just in case, I’m just sayin’.

  2. OK, I’m goin to Al’s today. Anybody want a beef sandwich? Take a number. Who’s next? Dipped or dry? Peppers, hot or sweet? You want fries wit dat? Ahhhhh good times.

    Mad Dog

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