2 items of varying importance.

1. [high importance] there’s a really cool chef at a really cool restaurant who’s in the running for a really cool award: Food and Wine’s The People’s Best New Chef-Mid-Atlantic. VOTE. FOR. KYLE. More than once.

2. [moderate importance] this is simply. hilarious.

from endless simmer:

this is not your run of the mill anti-farting cookbook. FWF is not here to tell you to forgo theblack bean nachos or the macaroni and cheese pizza. Come on, we wouldn’t do that to you. Nor do they share instructions on how to make these fatty foods flatulent-free. We all know that’s not possible. No, this is much more complex that that. Instead, Fart Without Fear promises a more attainable goal — 70 comfort food recipes that the book’s authors swear result only in the less offensive kind of farting, i.e. weeding out the ingredients that result in “bad flatulence (a. k .a. smelly farts, silent but deadlies, air biscuits, backdoor trumpets, poots, etc.)


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