crazy love.

while football is great, let’s be honest–what’s really great about the sport is the food.  if you know me, you know i’m actually referring to one specific food-type item: buffalo sauce. my love for buffalo sauce knows no (sports) season.

coincidentally, february has just begun and love is in the air. here’s a nice little round-up of the many ways you too can fall in love with the insanely perfect and irresistible flavors of buffalo and blue cheese. [note: use ranch and you’re not my friend.]

wing sauce taste test

first things first. [serious eats]


buffalo chicken dip

an oldie but a goodie [dtms]


buffalo chicken slider

baby buffalo bites from bree! [bree bakes]


mac and cheese with buffalo fried chicken

let’s get cray-zah–buffalo sauce beyond wings [the kitchn]


buffalo chicken ravioli with blue cheese sauce

i’m. speechless. [the food in my beard]


buffalo chicken potato skins. yea you read that right.

i don’t–i just–i can’t–excuse me i need to wipe the drool off my keyboard. [sprinkles of parsley]


football. hot sauce. ❤


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