feast and famine

christ has it really been 3 weeks since i last posted? well fear not, it has not been 3 weeks since i last ate.

Last week was spent in the glorious hills of wine country visiting Auntie K, Unkie J, and the Wallster with Mommala and Sissy-Poo. I would say 95% of our activities were focused on the consuming of wine and/or great food, or the allocation or preparation of such items.  The remaining 5% was playing with Walter, the happiest dog in the entire world.

Lots of pictures and stories to come…hopefully not in another 3 weeks.  Until then, this should keep you plenty busy:

100 Ways to Use a Tomato (from Endless Simmer)

And if none of those uses appeal to you, there’s always this.

p.s. when i went to tag this post with “tomatoes” the autofill came up as “secret service buying tomatoes.” so we’re going to go with that one too.


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