dinner theater

in this installment of Oh Dear God its 8pm What Do I Make for Dinner, our hero turns to a different kind of homemade:

Homemade Pizza Co.  I think this biz-nas got its start in the Windy City, much like our heroine, I remember seeing them when I was knee-high to a grasshopper (ok lies, I was 16) but never knew what their deal was.  One of these bad boys opened a couple blocks away from Chez DTMS and on a particularly “I want to wring somebody’s neck” kind of evening a few weeks ago, the hero of this story suggested we try it out.

Here’s their deal: they make the pizza any way you want it, then give it to you to bring home and put in your oven.  Complete with an individual piece of parchment paper to bake the little sucker on. Some 15 minutes later in a 400-degree oven, and dinner is served. We kept it simple with a classic mozzarella–tomato–basil combination.

It was really freaking tasty! The dough cooked up perfectly crispy but soft and the fresh tomatoes and basil were just lovely.  Paired with a house salad (theirs, not mine, I was still concentrating on my blood pressure returning to normal) that was delightful, and we had a great little meal on our hands.

And, because Manfriend is a kinder soul than I, he had given his email address to the pizza man when we picked it up.  Low and behold, the very next day he gets an email saying thank you and a coupon for $5 (or something similar) off our next purchase. An excellent end to what could have been a very harrowing tale.


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  1. Ahh! When I got to Chicago, there was a Homemade Pizza Co right by my apt. Upon figuring out their deal, I was very skeptical: “Either cook it for me, or I can get a frozen pizza. What’s the point?” but a friend had gotten a couple pizzas a few months back and I took a slice. So good. Glad to see they’re in DC now. 🙂

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