top secret and highly confidential

Sunday supper, asian style.

Tuna steaks! Marinated for about an hour in Manfriend’s Top Secret Marinade(TM) and seared to perfection on the stove-top-grill thingy.

I handled the veg department.  We saw some super cute baby bok choy at Eastern Market Sunday morning and brought them into a good home.  Along with a bunch of bananas, which the shopkeeper shoved in my bag before I could say a word. And by say a word, I mean throw a fit.

These youngens were prepared like so: Spicy Bok Choy in Garlic Sauce.  And yes that’s a bit of risotto peaking out of the right corner.  It was delightful, but we both agreed, not really necessary in this meal (hello LEFTOVERS).


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