we got a thing….goin’ on

The Joneses, present and future, had our whole motley crew down by the bay (Chesapeake style) for Memorial Day weekend.  It was a fantastic trip–full of dancing on the dock, water sports (failed, in my case), ICE, good friends, and good food.

I volunteered, in one of the many logistical spreadsheets organizing the weekend (par for the course when you hang out with engineers), to take on the sweets.  Then we calculated 20 people attending.  This quickly became my Iron Chef challenge: “Can you, a young inexperienced food blogger, turn out 3 days of treats for 20 people, with one afternoon and a mini-oven?”

Do you accept this challenge?

(2) Strawberry Polenta Cake (recipe is actually rhubarb, but Safeway was out)

Yogurt Coffee Cake

Salted Toffee Chocolate Squares

Halfway Cookies

Lime Meltaways

and, what every good outdoor event should have, Rice Krispie Treats


BAM. Take that Morimoto.


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