baby steps.

Awhile ago, I made these:

Chipotle Roast Chicken Tacos

they were really, really good.

Then, later in the week, like the dutiful leftover-saver I am, I made Chipotle Chicken Tostadas. They were good too. Not as good as the tacos.

There are no pictures. But, I cooked! Baby steps.  I’ve slowly started, you know, preparing food for myself again.

Recently (like Friday) I’ve also started  taking pictures as well.

Life has slowed down to a manageable 80 mph so step 3 is beginning to record and share (if you’re still out there).

To thank you for your patience, I’ve spruced up this little slice of the interwebs for your visual enjoyment, until the food porn returns.

I’d also like to belatedly thank my momma, because with out her I wouldn’t even know how to boil water.


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