when there’s no time to cook, eat with your hands!

Things have been moving at break-neck speed over here at DTMS, which has left me with little time to cook, and even less time to blog. But a girl’s gotta eat, right?

Monday night Manfriend and I visited one of our very favorite places in the whole city.  I normally would not disclose this place to you because it is insanely delicious and rarely crowded on week nights and I would like to keep it that way. But because you are my dear readers and I’ve been depriving you for the last week, I’ll share my little secret with you. Ready? Are you ready?

Etete is an Ethiopian restaurant on 9th St, NW  just south of U on a 2-block stretch known as “Little Ethiopia.” But I bet you didn’t know that ;). I’d never had Ethiopian until I met Manfriend and now I can’t imagine my life without it (he’s been a nice addition too).

Here’s the deal: you order as many items as you like (we usually get 2-3) and they all come together on a big round platter lined with injera, the Ethiopian’s answer to pita. It’s spongy and tangy and fantastic all on its own. Your dinner arrives looking something like this:

yea your mouth is watering, isn't it.

Two of my favorites are the Yefem Tibs and the Kitfo, both specialties of the house, and both nice and spicy.  Manfriend swears by the Tomato Salad too. They have gobs of vegetarian dishes,and the meats come with yummy yummy greens.

Ready to dig in? Roll up your sleeves.  You also get a basket of rolled up injera, which will be your cutlery for the meal.  Tear off a piece and dig in!  There are forks for the faint of heart.  If you read DTMS, you are not faint of heart. Use your damn hands.

Laid back and always delicious, Etete is just the best for a quick, cheap, and out-of-this-world delicious meal.  Just don’t all go at once and take up all my tables. Kisses!


5 responses

  1. I adore injera! The spongy texture is super unique and (often) gluten free. Beware of the way it expands in the belly after the meal, though…

    Thanks for the great photo and my now insatiable craving for Ethiopian.

  2. Ethiopic had their soft opening Monday. They should be opening for business any day now! Between that and Sidamo, maybe the west side of the H St corridor will eventually become a second little Ethiopia.

  3. LOVE ethiopian. try the doro wot, the yekik alicha and the firfir. another good place for it is Madget by the U St. metro – it has a less glam interior, but really solid food.

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