the whole enchilada

Sparkles and I regularly drool over the delicious things that Annie turns out over at Annie’s Eats.

Much like my meatball obsession, as soon as I saw these guys, I knew I had to make them. They were a little labor intensive, but by no means difficult–a perfect Sunday project. And you’ll have leftovers for ages (crucial for those days when the day just…gets away from you)

Chicken Enchiladas

from Annie’s Eats
(full disclosure: her site was how i figured out how to make the printable google docs, so in honor, here is hers)

AND, now that I don’t have to worry about these posts being miles long, there’s more room for my sparkling commentary! Away we go.

First, we’re going to make the red sauce.  It starts off…not red at all.

As soon as all these guys hit the heat…Manfriend innocently wandered over. “….whats that?”

Happily boiling away.

Poor unsuspecting chickys get dropped in the drink.

But they sure do come out pretty!

So you strain the sauce…I should have used a bigger bowl.  Or maybe tone down the vim and vigor with which i push sauce through a strainer.

I’m filled with feelings of fabulous fillings.

How to warm a tortilla without a microwave: carefully (Truth be told I think this is better than a microwave bc they get a little toasty too). This DOES NOT WORK on an electric range. Your fire marshall will thank me.

Insert blurry action shot!

Well hell-o! (in the voice of the Shoeless Brit, if you can conjure it ).

If the first 15 photos weren’t enough to get you drooling, maybe a big huge bowl of zesty, creamy cheese will do that.  In unrelated news, did you know THIS PLACE existed? (hat tip: Babysitters Club)

It wouldn’t be DTMS without one crappy, poorly lit shot.  Here we are.

So the cilantro is actually supposed to go in the filling. These guys kept messing with my concentration.

And in closing, for no good reason, about one-third of the way through writing this post, this song popped in my head. Enjoy.


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