i am a warrior.

Everyone say a silent little “thank you” to Manfriend. For Christmas, he enrolled me in a weekend-long cooking course!  While you can’t all come with me, you WILL reap the benefits of my soon-to-be genius culinary knowledge.

I walk past this place nearly every day and stare longingly into the demonstrations and classes like a little kid stares at the toy store windows at Christmas.  This weekend I get to run through the aisles of Toys-R-Us and touch EVERYTHING.

The course is called “Beyond Basics.”  Here’s the description: Do you have what it takes?  Ready to bump it up a notch, leave the recipes behind?  Spend two intense days as a culinary weekend warrior earning how to cook with your senses.  This course is not recommended for beginners.

I was born to be a culinary warrior. Bring it ON.


One response

  1. karen, it’s all making sense to me now
    when you were 9 or 10 I started noticing that warrior
    look in your eyes! have fun and tell manfriend he’ll
    get the WIRE set in about a week

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