i’m back, baby

Starting tomorrow, DTMS will be back with a VENGEANCE.  My camera memory card is filled to the maximum with delicious things to share with you all.

SO, this seems an appropriate time to direct your attention to a couple shmancy new features in your upper-right hand corner: Email Updates and RSS Feeds!  You can now subscribe to your most very favorite blog and get emails the very second I post a tasty little morsel. Also, for those of you using Google Reader or the like, these RSS feeds load better (or something).

Aside from the gratuitous backlog of posts, there will be even MORE cooking this week, as I participate in my very first meeting of Cooking in the Hood and also host our annual cookie exchange for the best girlies in the world, Liscious, Sparkles, Booty, Slow Motion, and Raffles.

Get excited! Get your subscription while they’re hot!


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