immediate forward.

Your search for mildly obscure and equally absurd culinary gifts is over. This appeared in my in-box this morning, from you favorite guest star and mine, Liscious.


I was perusing the New York Times this morning and came across the following, and obviously thought of you. My commentary, is just an added bonus…

Riccardo Dalisi Neapolitan Coffee Maker (Sold! Anything with the word Neapolitan catches my attention, be that a coffee maker or ice cream)

Lobster Pot Pies by Pies a la Mode (This is totally random, but I’m at the same time mildly intrigued)

Chocolate-Wine Sauce (Chocolate and wine, enough said)

Cooling Carafe (I don’t think I’m cool enough to own this)

Pink Himalayan Salt (Honestly, what the hell is this?)

Olive Spoon (I don’t even like olives, but I feel inclined to purchase this)

Lasagna Pan (Okay, done and done, I don’t know how to make lasagna but I’m now going to buy this and make it all the time, in three different varieties, why? because I can)

And that’s all I got. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



She said it–Happy Thanksgiving!  I’ll be enjoying my Turkey Day in the First State with Manfriend & Co. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


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