gobble gobble gobble

Last night was the second annual Sh*tShaw Thanksgiving–a lovely event for those of us who live in the less-than-savory-but-always-entertaining neighborhood of Shaw.  Everyone brings a dish and their holiday spirit and we have a great time.

This year, with 20+ in attendance, our resident Meat Man prepared the turkey of all turkeys. We’ve all seen them stuffed and brined and deep-fried, but he really took it to the next level by stuffing massive amounts of sausage between the skin and the meat of the bird. Yea, let that kick around in your mental oven for a minute.




Yea. Add that to this:


Fill these seats with some of your favorite people:


And you’ve got one FANTASTIC meal.


you better believe i ate it all.


those on sweets patrol were no slouches either.

I brought Bacon-Smashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and the infamous pumpkin cheesecake. The potatoes and pie will be posted shortly.  The cheesecake had rave reviews yet again.

One of the best parts of the evening is once we’re all sufficiently stuffed, Brother Ern has us bring all the leftovers out to Sunday Suppers, a meal program run by a local church that sets up right outside the house where we were.  Its a great way to end the evening–doubling the warm and fuzzies we’re already riding from the wine and sugar by sharing the meal we all lovingly prepared with those in need.

And if you need another reason to make the cheesecake, as we were rounding up the leftovers, one attendee insisted, “there is NO WAY they’re getting this cheesecake.”  That’s the holiday spirit. 😉


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