i say “masa,” you say “dough”

let’s call the whole thing off.  bah dum dum.(that was Liscious’ stroke of brilliance, I can’t take credit.)

Liscious and I visited Masa 14 last night on..where else, 14th street.  I hadn’t really heard much about it, but walked by it a few times and it looked nice and busy and also had a GIGANTIC STONE BAR.  So naturally, I was intrigued. I arrived a little before 6 last night (while Liscious and her poor sense of direction were wandering aimlessly through alleys) and was promptly smacked in the face with surprise as I was the only….one….at….the bar.

Now  you’re all probably hit with a pang of guilt “oh no she was all alone!” Fear not.  This was a fantastic freaking surprise. DC loves their happy hours like buffalo wings love blue cheese so to have a GIGANTIC STONE BAR all to myself was fantastic. Then, my lovely bartender Yuri (who was sporting elbow pads for a reason that remaines unclear) spun me a tale of $4 margaritas and all seemed right in the world.  Liscious rolled in and the gab-fest began.

They have an extensive selection of small plates, and we decided to nibble on two: a flatbread with serrano ham, melon, goat cheese, and arugula and mussels in a chipotle-miso broth with ginger and scallions.  The flatbread came out first and it was great–salty ham, sweet cool melon, peppery arugula, creamy goat cheese. Home run. The mussels were next and Holy Mother of God they were out of this world . Ok full disclosure, the mussels themselves were a little over-done, but the broth was so fantastic you didn’t even care.  Hot (temperature-wise) with just enough kick and a secondary hit of ginger, it was quite an experience. And it came with more crispy flatbread for sopping up that sweet nectar of the gods.

We decided to adjourn to another locale and then noticed a crowd had showed up.  Not exactly our type of crowd, so even better we were departing.  It was an older, lounge-y crowd. Which is great if you are older and lounge-y. I am not, so another bar seat for you. I will return at 5:55pm and enjoy the place to myself.

Liscious and I wandered down to Churchkey and I’m so very glad we did. You’ll remember from my earlier post that I was unsure about my feelings on this place. Well I’m sure. Hands-down one of the most pleasant experiences at a bar I’ve ever had last night.

And not just because they gave us free tater tots. Every single staff person was 1. genuinely friendly and 2. quite obviously having a blast serving their customers.  Their excitement about the (millions) of beers on tap was evident and they were excited to get you excited about them. We has some Bells Two-Hearted Cask Ale, some St. Boisterous (what I had the first time and now remember) and a mystery beer the beer man gave us when Liscious asked for “a surprise.”  The customers were pleasant, the bar seats are insanely comfortable.  Just a happy, happy place to be.

And no, to answer that snarky question in the back of your mind, I do NOT love every place I go to. Just ask, I can give you a looooooong list of places I think stink.


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