bacon blues

I threw together this little creation last week and am just getting around to posting it now, which is convenient for 2 reasons:

1. this weekend involved less “cooking” and more “carry out” and

2. it features BACON.  I have gotten a lot of grief from a few avid readers for my flagrant abuse of this holy pork product.  I carelessly discarded 5 slices of bacon after they roasted my little chicky to perfection and for that I am deeply, deeply sorry. I can only hope that the following picture can right just a little bit of my wrong.


redemption in a frying pan.

So. Last week was crazy busy and I found myself needing to work out, bake 2 batches of pumpkin bars, bang out some laundry, and clean my entire apartment all in one evening. Oh and I should probably eat. First the workout went out the window, but luckily I still got some upper-body exercises in thanks to the rock-hard butter I cut into the pumpkin crust.  Next I began the mental tour of my food supply: leftover chicken…that fish is definitely not good…blue cheese…bacon…oh mozzerella!…pickles (no)…wait a minute! I bought the cheese so I would make pizza dough…why don’t I just BUY pizza dough? And there’s bacon and there’s chicken….DONE. Away we go. Bacon, cooked.


onions, softened.


all my little soldiers marching toward their fate in my belly.


found some great whole wheat mediterranean flat bread at Whole Foods.


toppings galore!


cheese me.


400 degrees....mmm I think it was 10 minutes or so.

Fantastic. Easy-as-(pizza) pie dinner for one (Ok 2…I made another one to bring for lunch the next day). I used spicy tomato sauce which went great with the sweet onions, juicy chicken, and salty bacon (DID I MENTION THE BACON?!).  It didn’t get super crunchy in the middle, so next time I wouldn’t use a cookie sheet..just put him in there bare-back.

And in closing, I want to reiterate my sincerest apologies for my previous pork abuse. The bacon omelet Manfriend whipped up last week would have brought  you to your knees and a tear to your eye. Bacon has a special place in my heart and my home and I swear here-to-fore to treat it with the utmost respect.


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