i got 99 problems but my blog ain’t one

I have been so completely overwhelmed by all the great responses from you guys about my little blog!  The comments, the emails, the gchats, the real face-to-face conversations, I am OVERJOYED that you guys like it so much! It tickles me to no end to hear that you’ve attempted a new recipe, or found a new foodie blog because of DTMS.

And man you guys are smart! I’ve received so many great ideas for posts and suggestions for improvement (the pictures WILL get better, i’m determined).  AND I’m excited to announce I’ve got some great guest posts in the works to spice things up.

So–now that I’ve buttered you up, a slight disappointment: I made something really, really delicious for dinner last night.  Like really delicious. Then, we over here at DTMS incurred a slight logistical problem this morning (ok maybe it was a user error) and the post will be delayed (ok maybe i forgot to put the battery in my camera) until tomorrow. My sincerest apologies. I promise, young grasshoppers, your patience will be rewarded.


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