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So for someone who considers themselves mildy tuned-in DC goings on, the opening of ChurchKey/Birch & Barley last week was one of the most anticipated in quite some time.  At least in my Google Reader, they’ve been getting press since August 2008.  When the doors opened this past Thursday, there was a line at least 50 people long at 5:30pm.  So, Does it live up to the hype? The short answer is, I’m not sure yet.


Manfriend and I stopped in last night for a drink with one of his friends around 9:30.  Downstairs was pretty empty by then (although the space is gorgeous) but upstairs was hopping. Not in a clutch-your-purse-for-dear-life-covered-in-beer-18th-street way, but in a all-the-seats-were-taken-and-everyone-was-having-fun way.  After 10 minutes, we too snagged seats at the bar. The seats, mind you, are heavily cushioned and have ARMS. Brilliant.


I had a beer named…well I don’t remember. It was in the “crisp” category and it was named St. Something-or-Other. It  was delicious (Can you tell I have no vocabulary for beer). It had just a little bit of body, was just a bit spicy, and went down very nicely.  Maybe I can get an edit from Manfriend for better descriptions.


High ceilings, great chandeliers, and biiiiig booths made the place seem perfect for a cold rainy night like last night. The menu looks to die for.  The menfolk surmised it would be a good idea to come with a group and order everything on the menu. I say, who needs a group?


So, we shall return. Initial impressions are that its a lovely addition to my ‘hood.  But for now, enjoy the links up there from some of my favorite DC blogs be enlightened by their much more seasoned perspective.


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  1. Between the review in the Washingtonian, your review, and this morning’s review in the Express, I’m absolutely enticed!!! Me thinks a trip to the U street corridor is in order!

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