the whirlwind continues!

It’s been a busy few weeks over here at does this make sense (including starting does this make sense)! Tonight I’m whirlwinding across the country to the Windy City and my lovely hometown for a weekend of excessive food, libations, and merriment.

Snow is also forecasted…which is an issue as this DC girl no longer owns either a winter coat or any kind of suitable winter booting.  Trenches have replaced  the puffy down jackets of yore…and the Merrill boots had to yield their closet space to stilettos and wedges.  Ah the life of the Mid-Atlantic.


millenium park in the moderate month of May.

Poorly-constructed wardrobe aside, whenever a visit to the homeland draws near (or any occasion where there will be more than 2 family members present), I have the exact same conversation with my parents:

Parent of choice: What do you want to do when you get home? What would  you like for dinner?
Parent: OK, we’re having a roast when so-and-so is here. Is that too much?
Me: NO. Can we have chicken too?
Parent: That’s the next day.
Me: When can we have pizza? (read: deep-dish. duh.)
Parent: Do you want Dear Franks* too?
Me: Of course.
Parent: We also got bagels for the mornings.
Me: Oh good! I was thinking of making a coffee cake while I was home too.
Parent: I also have fixings for brownies.
Me: What about a pie?
Parent: We could do that, I have peaches in the freezer.

Ok full disclosure, “Parent” is MommaBear. Daddy-O doesn’t freeze late summer peaches. Come on.  And contrary to what you’re imagining, not a single one of us has been airlifted because we are too obese to walk.

We like our food slow-simmered…DSCN3530

We like our food DIY…DSCN3590

We like it far…DSCN3524

We like it wide…DSCN3550 But most of all…

We like it FRIED. DSCN3647

I’m off quite soon to demonstrate my highly above-average mastery of security screening protocol (Green Bay gave me a standing ovation) and head to the middle of America.  If the snow’s a-blowing and the wine’s a-flowing, you, lucky readers, may get a rogue weekend post from the Central Time Zone.

Have a great weekend!

*hands-down best hot dog joint on the north shore. food snobs be damned–i love processed cheese.


2 responses

    • Indeed. Seeing as I’d been on 15 planes in 3 weeks previous, not only did i could i perform the security strip-down dance with ease, grace, and lightening speed, I was also aware of the brand new protocol that your shoes had to be directly ON the belt into the x-ray machine–not in a bin.

      They were first stunned by my swift liquids and laptop removal. And apparently the shoes memo had just arrived at GB HQ by pony express that morning, so when I then purposely placed my shoes directly on the belt…spontaneous applause erupted.

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