happy friday!

This morning I open my email to discover a note from my friend (lets call her…Liscious) with a serious, daunting task:

“Ladies, please visit Hello Cupcake’s flavor page and select the cupcake of your choice”

Now. Today is Friday, which means there are no less than 14 varieties to choose from.  The inner monologue began something like this: “I love lemon. You Tart it is. But it’s fall, I should get something seasonal. Pumpkin. (oo I should get a pumpkin scone at starbucks. whoops no i’m running late). I want pumpkin now, but will I want it later? I’ll want chocolate to go with the red wine we’ll be drinking. But will Heart of Darkness be too rich? Liscious has a heart of darkness. Why can’t I have S’mores? That picture looks delicious. Hazelnuts..yeaaaaa I want hazelnuts. I don’t even know what ‘gianduja’ means. What if they’re out? Crap. Rinse. Repeat.”

What happened to regular old cake where everyone only had two options: cake, or no cake?

Anyways, I submitted my selections: Gianduja and PrimaDonna (chocolate and strawberry buttercream).  What will I get? Come back Monday to find out 😉

Also, because I know you’re dying to know too: Gianduja–Wikipedia

Have a great weekend!


3 responses

  1. ‘Tis the highlight of my day, this blog. I am praying to the deities that you continue to have the time and energy to keep going (like the energizer bunny.) It’s the ultimate distillation of our family’s love affair with the things that nourish us. Blog on!

  2. The cupcakes proved to be a success, though, not as much of a success as our dancing to “party in the USA”

    love the blog post…looking forward to your next culinary pearls of wisdom

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