baby’s first retraction

Turns out, Alice Marshall of Alice Marshall’s Curry never knew my grandmother. MommaBear sent me this correction last night:

“The curry recipe came to me from a college friend whose mother’s name was Alice; my friend had organized a curry party and that’s when i got the recipe. The only Mrs. Marshall you would have heard of was a neighbor of your dad’s. I will leave it to you if  you  want to issue a correction.”

Well yes, I would. Because here at “does that make sense” we strive to provide our readers* with only the utmost in truthiness. My apologies to both Mrs. Marshalls.

*and damn, readers, you’re sure turning out with a vengeance! i feel like the coolest kid in cafeteria.


2 responses

  1. I can vouch that it’s one delicious curry. Your mamma made it for me back in 1980 when I was taking the Illinois bar exam. I was very impressed at all the little bowls she assembled with raisins and nuts and whatnot to put on top. Also, tip for roast chicken–if you don’t stuff it, I find that a lemon cut into sixths or eighths jammed into the cavity keeps the chicky moist and gives the breast meat a slight hint of extra flavor. I am sensing some Le Creuset in your future. I broke down and recently bought a (pricey) 7.25 quart french (NOT dutch) oven, and I am in love. Your Uncle Joe is also in love and has requested a smaller model for his frijole cooking.

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